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Drew Parker To Drop Debut Full-Length Project In July

Written by WHPC Staff

June 17, 2024

Drew Parker plans to deliver his debut full-length project, Camouflage Cowboy, on July 12. The album will be produced by Jacob Rice. Camouflage Cowboy aims to authentically introduce Parker as an artist and as a songwriter, Parker puts an emphasis on hard-hitting country lyricism. He seeks to depict his life as father, a husband and a storyteller with the album, collaborating with hitmakers such as Jon Nite, Lindsay Rimes, Chris Destefano and Lee Thomas Miller, among others. The 14-track collection includes singles “The Truck” and “Love The Leavin’” as well as “Better On A Boat,” a summer tune the artist wrote alongside Rice and Dan Isbell. “I am so excited about this record,” says Parker. “[Camouflage Cowboy] is all about my family, my friends, my faith, my struggles and the way I grew up. I hope that you can connect to the songs and the stories, and it helps you along your journey in this life.”

Camouflage Cowboy Track Listing:

1. “The Truck” (Drew Parker, James McNair, Lindsay Rimes, Dylan Marlowe)
2. “Fishin’ On A River” (Drew Parker, Cole Taylor, David Fanning)
3. “Tomorrow” (Drew Parker, Harley Parker, Jon Nite, Lindsay Rimes)
4. “Whiskey Proof” (Drew Parker, Jon Nite, Andrew DeRoberts)
5. “Love The Leavin’” (Drew Parker, Matt Rogers, Lindsay Rimes)
6. “Better On A Boat” (Drew Parker, Dan Isbell, Jacob Rice)
7. “Luck Don’t Live Around Here” (Neil Thrasher, Kelley Lovelace, Chris DeStefano)
8. “The Time We Had” (Drew Parker, Billy Dawson, Lee Thomas Miller)
9. “Camouflage Cowboy” (Drew Parker)
10. “Hillbilly Billionaires” (Drew Parker, Jacob Rice, Jordan Walker)
11. “Clearly Confused” (John Morgan, Jeb Gipson)
12. “Hill I’m Climbing” (Drew Parker, Lindsay Rimes, Cary Barlowe)
13. “Running On The Wild Side” (Drew Parker, Casey Beathard, Phil O’Donnell)
14. “What A Day That Will Be (feat. The Isaacs)” (Traditional Hymn)



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