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New Music Spotlight: Boygenius – Satanist

Written by WHPC Staff

April 5, 2023

The debut record of the supergroup Boygenius has finally arrived, along with a fearless new track called “Satanist” that demands your attention.

Boygenius, which consists of members Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus, all shine together in “The Record”, their first full length LP since starting the group back in 2018. They’ve released a few songs in the months leading up to the release, such as “Emily I’m Sorry”, “True Blue” and “$20”. However, “Satanist” stands out as being one of the more rock oriented songs on this album. With all members trading vocals, this track features raw and emotional lyrics that explore themes of darkness and self-destruction. There are elements of punk, grunge and even metal, all while the group still manages to keep their distinctive sound and harmonies within the song. Overall, “Satanist” is an impressive addition to the Boygenius discography and fans will certainly appreciate their unique sound.

Check out the official audio for “Satanist” which can be heard on The Nassau Mix weekdays on WHPC!


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